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About Us


"GlitzNow, L.L.C. is dedicated to raising the bar on advanced beauty training.  We strive for perfection and professionalism in our crafts, yet uphold and promote integrity and values in business ethics.  This will in turn strengthen the industry as a whole......."


GlitzNow! was started in 2007, bringing together a unique set of individuals with the experience to help grow your business.  GlitzNow! owner Dr. LeiLani Vidal has studied the art of lash extensions and has been certified thru five different systems. Aside from her 23 years as the clinic director of the Better Health & Wellness Center, Dr. LeiLani is a licensed Aesthetician and is the president of GlitzNow, L.L.C. & The Lash Boutique in San Diego, California.  Dr. LeiLani provides training in advanced beauty procedures to cosmetic and skin care professionals all over the country, including Hollywood's elite makeup artists to the stars. Dr. LeiLani has personally performed over a thousand eyelash extension sets, and has also trained thousands of beauty professionals across the country in her unique approach to lash artistry.  When she isn't busy with her clinic or training, Dr. LeiLani can be seen performing with her international all-girl stylish saxophone quartet, The Saxations! 


All of the GlitzNow Master Lash & Brow Trainers are trained and certified in many different lash and brow systems, and GlitzNow has trained professionals all over the United States.  Not only do we bring to the curriculum the business experience, each master trainer has also applied thousands of lash sets throughout the years!  In addition to the company's medical and beauty business background, our master trainers are also licensed esthetician, certified makeup artist, certified advanced eyelash extension stylist, certified in advanced lash perming techniques, and certified Master Brow Designer. GlitzNow is also proud of the fact that we are the first company that has developed our own system for brow extensions. 


GlitzNow has a passion and talent for Lash & Brow Styling with elegance and precision.  This has proven this with our impeccable flair for perfect lash & brow appeal.  Our goal at GlitzNow with each lash and brow set is to create "Perfect, Lasting, and Beautiful" eyelashes & eyebrows.  This passion  and knowledge is passed on to you!  You will enjoy our style of teaching that is comprehensive, practical professional and fun!

Dr. LeiLani Vidal

Founder/Developer of GlitzNow!

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