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Advanced Beauty Training Workshops


JUST ANNOUNCED:  GlitzNow! New and Improved EyeBROW Extension Class!!!




You will learn the technical component of applying extensions from the best in the industry, Dr. LeiLani Vidal. Dr. Vidal has trained hundreds of professional across the country in the eyelash extension field, and now brings this technology to eyebrows and design with her unique approach to this new service!

Our course will give you the foundation of how to mechanically design a well structured brow into an artistic masterpiece and also give you the technical tools to apply eyebrow extensions!  No other company offers you both!  Developed by experts, this course assures you the best comprehensive training in Brow Design and Brow Extensions.


Signing up for training has never been easier!!  Here's how:


Two ways to get trained......


1)  NEW:  Online training - Cost $395 plus Kit

2)  LIVE:  Hands on class - Cost $595 plus Kit


Online EyeBrow Design & Extension Certification:

Cost - $395 plus Kit Cost


Can't travel to one of our training classes? How about learning eyebrow extensions in the leisure of your own home! With the lastest technology via the internet, we can now bring our training to you!  Recommended: Knowledge of the application of eyelash extensions.




  • Enroll into the course and complete the necessary paperwork and payment in full.

  • You will be sent a GlitNow! EyeBrow Extension Kit and Workbook.

  • You will be sent a link and private password to our new GlitNow! Online Classroom. 

  • You will have access to the classroom for 90 days from your initial log in date.





  • The course consist of 10 modules, designed to teach you step by step and in gradients for maximum understanding.  The modules will also include videos and demonstrations which will correspond to your workbook.

  • You are welcome to finish the course at your own pace, in a day or up to 90 days! The choice is yours!

  • You can review the materials as often as you like during this time frame. 





  • Upon completion of the course, you will submit to our office before and after photos (minimum 4 sets).  Your work will be reviewed by developer Dr. LeiLani Vidal and you will be given positive feedback on your work as well as how to improve on anything if needed. 

  • Once you are past the third phase, you are then awarded a GlitzNow! Certification in EyeBROW Design and Extensions!





  • Put all your skills to work!!



EyeBROW Design & Extension Certification


Welcome to the world of the GlitzNow! Brow! GlitzNow! is the FIRST company to bring you the very latest in “brow technology” with the long awaited “brow extension.” Brow extensions are single strands of specially designed synthetic hair that can be applied to your client’s brow hair on a “brow by brow” basis, and now introducing "hair to skin" technology!

Our company offers you the VERY BEST training, bringing to you the absolute finest professionals with a comprehensive program written by the two top professionals in the fields of “brow design” and “extensions.”


$395 plus Kit Cost of $399

($794 total)

Live EyeBrow Design & Extension Certification:

Cost - $595, One Day


Do better with hands on training?  This class is recomending for any beauty professional that does not have a training background in eyelash extension application.  Classes are held at our training facility on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays.  Please call our GlitzNow! Training Center at 888-898-LASH (5274) to schedule your one-on-one training or group class. 


Want training in your area?  A GlitzNow! Trainer can come to you!  A minimum of four students are required, so get your friends together and learn these exciting new services!  Call the center today for more details!

$595 plus Kit Cost of $399

($994 total)

Eyelash Extension Certification:

Cost - $595, One Day


From a beginner to a seasoned professional, our Lash Extension class will help you perfect your art of Lash Extensions! Lash Extensions are single strands of synthetic hair that are applied to your clients own hair on a lash-by-lash basis. This class will, however, take you beyond the training that you may have had, and if you are a beginner, you will learn Lash Extensions the correct way the first time! Not only will be teach you the basics of safety and hygiene, but this innovated class will show you techniques that will save you time, money and a lot of frustration.

Ready to get creative with your client’s lash set? The GlitzNow! Program will show you different ways to add to your client’s set. This is not a cookie cutter approach to just applying lashes. We take a technical and design approach, customized for each one of your clients. We can also show you simple tricks that will help increase the volume of your lash set that no other company will teach. Our trainers are experts in this field and have gone through rigorous advanced training! Learn from their experience and expertise and avoid the common mistakes that are costly and time consuming! In addition, because we are actually IN the business of DOING lashes, we are able to bring to you the best marketing ideas that will help increase your bottom line!

Take the guess work out of this service. Sign up today for a full day workshop. During the first part of the class, you will learn eyelash extension theory, essential for understanding the technique and art of alying eyelash extensions. The second part of the class is all hands on. You will be coached by the best on tricks and techniques that have been tried and tested by our highly experienced advanced trainers. This will also include tricks to enhance your work with lasting results!


(Kit additional & optional)


(Kit additional & optional)

Advanced Lash Perfecting Certification

Cost - $595, One Day


Prerequiste: Eyelash Extension Training by a reputable company.


Looking to take your skill to the next level? This class is designed for the dedicated Lash Stylist that wants to offer full services in Lash Design!

This course will show you the easy and profitable service of eyelash tinting and perming, color highlighting, utilizing cluster lashes into your full set, and much more! The Lash Perfecting class will also show you ways to speed up your time, but not sacrificing or compromising the quality of your lash set.

We know that promoting your service is important to you, and this class will explain step by step, how to set up plans for your lash clients that will keep them committed and have them pre-pay for their touchups for the year!

A review of the basics
Lash Perming
Lash Tinting
Problem Lashes
Color Highlighting
Dressing Up Your Lashes with BLING!
Client Management
How to get your client to pay & stay with yearly plans
Marketing ideas ready to implement
Getting creative with the fun and easy flared lashes
Applying synthetic lashes to bottom lashes

.... and much more!

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